⛧Seb's About Page⛧

h-hewwo?? ? HEWWO???? lmao hi, mah name is Seb, i'm ur local bat furreh!!! xD O.o

tbh i'll be using this site to have a lil showcase/queue/info for my art and commissions, FUCK carrd, all my homies hate carrd. to keep the file limit down, pics here may be of lower quality as opposed to say, my furaffinity or tumblr. so if i'm doing a comm for u, queue and thumbnails will be here, but stuff like DMs and final pieces will be on FA.

anyway, to recap, i'm Seb, i'm evil af, have ADHD, use 'its/itself' pronouns ONLY, and am a professional plant and dirt enjoyer (Bachelor of Science, Horticulture and Soils). my main hyperfixations are naruto, furries, morrowind, and transformers (but there's always more, teehee :3c ).

i am CRINGE and i am FREE